The following post will describe the different hairstyle of Samantha Ruth Prabhu. Be it a twisted side fishtail braid or a lofty hair bun Samantha has marveled them all.

A ‘little’ ‘bit’ of an experiment is done in her every hairstyle. The wait is over to know the 11 secrets of styling that we see in Samantha’s dreadlocks.

1. Samantha’s Exquisite Hair Bun Styles

The elegantly beautiful look is portrayed by a side parting curly and wavy hair strands. It levitates the Indian beauty and her level of being an actress. The hair bun compliments the Indian look and hence looks best when matched up with a silky satin saree and conventional Indian jewellery. Giving a perk to the desire of Indian men.

2. Twisted Side Fishtail Braid

This hairstyle was used by actress Samantha in her movie ‘THERI’. The styling begins with a twisted hairstyle on the top of your head followed by a side braid also known as fishtail braid. The twisted style hairstyle looks best in salwar kameez or anarkali.

3. Ponytail Styles on Samantha

If you really want to kick-start your day with a pair of jeans and t-shirt, ponytail serves the demand. The Jazzy look with a front boom looks just so casual. Ponytail looks stunning in your western dresses.

Sometimes you are not in a mood to style a hairstyle, the most simple and hassle-free styling is best to save your time and patience. Just pull back your hair from face and tie it back with a clip or band and let it drop it from a point.

4. The Chic Style Updo On Samantha

Another renowned hairstyle that looks flawless on Samantha is the elegant, delicate and very feminist chic style updo. The side partition gives an impression of neatness. The styling illustrates and “oodles of feminism”. An evening gown or dress looks stunning and can raise the mercury level high around!!!!

5. The Retro 80’s Hairstyle On Samantha

Disappointed with your wavy and curly hair? Here is the solution. Samantha very charmingly flaunts the then ‘rage’ of the 80’s. The medium curly Open style blends smoothly with a ‘tank top’ balanced with a pair of jeans. The shoulder-length bumpy and wavy hairstyle will make the men fall head over heels. Girls! Take a note..!

6. Feather Cut Dreadlocks

The feather cut look is very up to the market and swank. This is one of the rarest stylings that we hardly spot Samantha with. The layered feather cut deadlocks look exceptionally beautiful on Indian face. The hairstyle works with any pattern of clothing. The simple and smart look.

7. Samantha’s Lofty Hair Bun

Samantha in a high bun looks an interesting hairstyle. The top sloppy hair bun marks the signature style of Samantha. The frontal brink will be certainly craving attention. The circular twisted and braided hairstyle goes with both Indian and western attire, be it an evening gown or a saree.

8. Puffed Hairstyle

When you are pondering the thought of hair styling your medium length curls the ‘puffed updo’  is the just perfect tuxedo. The elevated and puffed hairdo matches up to a short dress or skirt. The puff styling has become the style statement of Samantha. Hats off Samantha!!

9. The Unfastened hairstyle By Samantha

An ‘open hairstyle genre’ can any day anytime steal the show, is carried off so graciously by Samantha. No second thought proclaiming Samantha does it- ‘the best’. She has that ‘fashion diva’ tag up in her collar. Samantha flaunts her curls loosely dropped on shoulders with a side partition.

The open hairstyle gives you a blend of sophistication and a casual look altogether. Can be styled on both Indian outfits and western dresses.

10. The Baggy And Loose Hairstyle By Samantha

This style is a favorite pick of Samantha while Sporting a saree. With a little hair bun tied at the back. The baggy hairstyle can create wonders!! The gorgeous dreadlock can be styled differently in accordance to what you wear, especially can look good on Indian bridal lehengas.

11. Samantha’s Low Plaited Bun

When we talk of class and dignity a low bun works a miracle. Samantha low plaited bun can be styled for any marriage functions. It is the rarest combination of being functional as well as elegant. Saree, lehengas or any heavy look attire can be perfect with such hair styling.

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