The 1st wedding anniversary is always special, congratulations you made it so far.

Hey, you are reading us that means, you remember your 1st anniversary- good job!

Wondering how to steal her heart all over again? what best gift to give her on your first wedding anniversary? We are here to hold your hand through this. Relax and release your pressure of selection.

Choose a unique gift that will truly express your feelings. Make your wife fall head over heels for you.

1st Wedding Anniversary Unique Ideas For Wife

1. Bring Home A Pet To Your Wife

Is your wife a pet lover? If yes this will ease out your selection of gift. The dog is a common and favorite among all other pets. Don’t wrap up your pet. Buy some stuffed soft toy puppies and have it sitting in between.

Buy equipment along with it- bed or leash, carrier and decorate with all stuffed and real animal in gear. You can opt for another options-fish task, a pair of birds, kitten.

At the end of the day, what matters is what your wife loves. It can be your best 1st wedding anniversary gift idea.

2. Box Of Souvenirs On 1st Anniversary

Gift your wife a box of souvenirs. Each one reminding a special day a moment. If you are lucky enough to know your wife before your marriage, both of you must have shared those special moments.

The special bonding that grew with years. Make her ride the roller coaster of memories. Both of your good and bad times. Make a list of all, keep the fire burning even after you are married.

3. Paint A Stargazer: Unique Wedding Anniversary Best Gift For Her

The stars and moon are considered to be ‘goddess of love’ in ‘Greek mythology’. Women are fond of stargazing on a clear dark night. They find it fascinating.

All you newly married husbands, who want to create a magical effect on your anniversary, paint your room with fluorescent glittering stars. Wrapping a thingy would just be an ordinary gift. The special time and effort that you will put in, will be appreciated and loved by your wife.

Cut your heart shaped 1 wedding anniversary cake under the twinkling stars roof.

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4. Video Collage

Another 1st anniversary best gift ideas for her can be gifting a video collage can really pay off. It’s a good idea for any budding new relationship. The unique gift might portray your better impression to your initial bonding days. Women place more importance on creating memories than material possessions.

Husbands can make a wider college starting from the day of engagement, marriage day, outings made in this one year, any special family gets together etc.

Nothing can match your wife’s contended eyes while going through the memories no money can buy. Can be the best gift forever!

5. Trip Abroad

Go for a second honeymoon your spouse would simply love the idea of breaking the ordinary way of celebrating the anniversary. The first anniversary is always special try unique wedding anniversary gift ideas for your wife, some special memories she can cherish lifelong.

Book train trip, less stressful, nobody has to drive. The anniversary is the best time to enjoy a destination vacation. Enjoy a night out at the beach at an exotic Resort.

Explore the new city, you can rest a cabin near the woods, ocean or next to a lake.

6. Photo Quilt Or Blanket First Anniversary Gift Idea For Her

A soft snug quilt printed with couple images can be your best bet. Collect your wife’s pictures before and after marriage, making it the center of attraction.

Select a themed fabric, since music is all around us you can design it around the quilt. This absolute wonderful blanket, definitely an heirloom will help you get cozy with your wife on that special anniversary night.

7.  Diamond Pearl Set Gift On 1st Anniversary

Newly married wives are a religious follower of trends or fashion. Adorn your wife with a stunning & beautiful diamond necklace. As they say ” Diamonds Are Forever”! Surely diamonds leave a huge impact upon women.

A sure shot, low-risk gift, your wife will love to wear. Share it with multi-strand earrings for that classy look.

8. Personalised Crystal Rotating Cube

Reminiscence brings memories flashing when you close your eyes. Empower your wife to experience the same with Open Eyes. Gift your sweetheart a crystal lamp that not only reflects memories but portray mesmerizing moment by bringing them one after another, by rotation.

Add some memorable photos to your rotating lamp. Beautiful unique gift, just apt idea to gift your wife on 1 wedding anniversary.

9. Present A Silky Robe -Dazzle Your 1st Wedding Anniversary

Relive your days of honeymoon, with the slinky, satin feel of the fabric. Wrap your wife in decadence. She may be expecting something in the paper as it’s your 1 wedding anniversary gift, but we suggest, be bold.

Gift her this daring & sexy robe, bring alive your romance. To get an added effect you can personalize the robe with some romantic and inviting lines printed on it.

The plush soft material will help you and your wife transform your home into the highest extravagance.

10. Foot Massager

Wives manage home & office effortlessly. But as a husband, you can ease out her tiredness 365 days by a unique first-anniversary gift for her- a foot massager. Entitle her to feel more relaxed and stimulated on your anniversary night.

Create a ‘Hygge’ ambiance for your wife. You can rest assure your wife will not stop thanking you!

11. Makeup Kit

It is wise to select a gift that will capture immediate attention of your wife. women are fascinated and dedicated to their makeup or looks. Help your woman achieve a stunning look on your 1 year wedding anniversary.

Explore your wife’s beauty with an extraordinary cosmetic kit. Include makeup, eyeliner, mascara, lipsticks, eyeshadow all those quintessential items for your beloved. On a lighter note gifting her makeup kit will only increase your waiting time!

12. Precious Moments Figurine

First-anniversary gift idea for wife can be- “The figurine gift” is one of the best ways to manifest your love for her. It will remind her of the beautiful moments you have shared together. The figurine couple looks very much in love.

14. Paper Rose

A first wedding anniversary is the tradition of paper. What better way to express love for her than a unique gift on wedding anniversary -a red rose. A paper Rose with a little pot and happy anniversary card on it.

15. Wine Box

Your wife may be an in-house person. You & your spouse do not necessarily want a fancy in this year. She might like to spend quality time with you at home. Followed by a quiet homemade dinner and wine.

What can be a better wedding anniversary gift for her than a personalized wine box? Enjoy your first wedding anniversary night on high spirits!!

16. Romantic Handwritten Love Letter

There is nothing than a personalized handwritten love letter. Since ages, letters have always been the gesture of conveying love. Love letters make a great gift for your spouse.

Let her explore your heart through your words. Sparkle your 1 wedding anniversary unique gift with a splash of romance.

16. Hot Air Gas Balloon

Hot air balloon ride can be the best idea as a gift on 1 wedding anniversary. There is nothing more exciting than a hot air balloon ride.

The uplifting sensation followed by a beautiful panoramic view of the hills will make your wife feel out of this world experience. A highly recommendable ride for newlywed couples.

17. Tattooing Wife’s Name

Tattooing your wife’s name or some special message for her can be a unique gift on your anniversary. It is a lifelong commitment, your wife may have an emotional meltdown realizing your timeless love.

18. Anniversary Ring

The first wedding anniversary is always special, create best memories for her. Women are fond of gold. Gift her a gold ring a fitting way to pay tribute to them. Rose gold item in vintage style can be a good idea for the first anniversary.

19. Photo Album

Albums are traditional gifts, yet unique. Collect pictures of your wife since her childhood days to college life to marriage days. Take her to a joyride of memories down the lane.

Leave last page empty to add a picture of a new member if there is a family planning in your card. This would certainly amuse her.

20. Gifting Books

If your wife is an avid reader, fond of reading, load her with a pile of books. If she is fond of cooking or struggling with cooking as a newly wedded wife, gift a cookbook. Enhancing your taste buds for that special dinner on 1st wedding anniversary night.

21. Personalized Wall Clock

Choose your best picture as a couple or can opt for a photo collage. Perfect gift for an wedding anniversary, fabulous decor for preserving moments. Every time your wife looks into the clock she will be reminded of a special moment deepening both of yours bonding.

22. Handmade Musical Box

The customized handmade musical box is a cool gift for music lover wives. The wooden box will have your marriage date engraved at the top with a wind up at the bottom.

Choose a song you want to play for her, wind up and then let it go. Different melodies will help you jam in together on a first wedding anniversary. Who knows.. she might dance with you too! – think about it!

23. Gizmo Gadgets – Electrify Your 1st Wedding Anniversary

Gadgets can work wonders if she is in a need of it. Try to understand her needs. Gift these unique items – a mobile set, iPod, laptop, camera, coffee maker or a microwave oven. Girls are selfie freak, don’t miss out adding a selfie stick in case you finalize gifting her a smartphone.


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