Tamil Nadu an epitome of Heritage and Culture. The golden Jewellery in Tamilnadu has a history from the period of ” Sangam“. The ancient literature of Tamil acts as a torchbearer in highlighting and raising a question on why where end what were worn by the females than from head to bottom.

The sculptures that we find in our modern times very evidently proves the amount of jewellery they wore. Brass, copper end silver where also used apart from gold. Returning to the contemporary time, several designs of jewellery is often seen to be used in Tamil movies.

The most decorated actress and heartthrob of many men ‘Anushka Shetty ‘ have externalized unique wedding jewellery designs in most of her recent movie “Bahubali2”.

1. Nethi Chutti

Also known as Vagupu Chutti or Chutti. The most stand out jewellery we marked in the movie ‘ Bahubali 2 ‘ was the Nethi Chutti. Anushka Shetty’s face was glorified wearing it. Any salt Indian bride’s complete look is very minimum and graceful.

All jewellery is lightweight but it added up to Anushka Shetty’s beauty in most of the scenes in ‘Bahubali 2’. The jewellery made ‘Anushka Shetty’ stand out from others demarketing an exuberant statement. The 7 stringed chains studded with pearls and stones. Covers almost one-third of your forehead. The jewellery intensified the beauty of’Devasena’.

The Nethi Chutti is one of the most remarkable jewelry in any South Indian marriage. Therefore, the same is depicted in their movies.

2. Long Temple Necklace

Another South Indian bridal jewellery collection is the temple designed jewellery. One of the most highlighted and attracted attention for its unique designs in the movie ‘Bahubali 2’.

The most clapped and hooted scene from ‘bahubali 2’, when ‘Devasena’ entered to her in-laws Kingdom established a Royal look and elegance with the ‘elephant’ shaped long necklace Temple design jewellery. Patterns like that of Nakshi design are also available for bridal collection.

The design gives an impression of a heavy look jewellery. Brides not interested and enthusiastic about heavy uncomfortable jewellery will certainly like to go for this.

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3. Kamarbandh or Oddiyanam

Oddiyanam is the elemental jewellery that is observed in all South Indian bridal jewelry. In ‘Bahubali 2’, Anushka Shetty’s beauty was magnified by making the design exceptionally beautiful. Oddiyanam is used as a belt in the waist tie and hold a saree up.

The waist-surrounding gold jewellery beaded with stones and dangling continuous chain not only keeps the saree at a proper place but also points up the curvature of brides.

The South Indian oddiyanam usually exhibits a sharp-edged design with not many danglers. Quite broad in shape which gives a clean, prominent and ethical look.

4. Nose Pin Designs

Anushka Shetty’s valor and glamour were intensified by the nose pin design in ‘Bahubali 2’. She wore it both as a nose pin and also nose pin with a chain that can be locked behind your hair. There are several designs and varieties to it. If you want to raise the level of feminism in any girl nose pin acts the best.

Nose pin is the inevitable part of any South Indian bride. The nose pins are usually beaded. Sometimes attached to a beaded chain.

The jewellery gives an impact of abundance in femininity in brides. The most ‘quintessential’ jewellery for any South Indian bride. The style-the fashion-the gorgeousness that shrieks for your attention.

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5. Billai

The Billai is the most traditional part of south Indian jewellery. It is used for head and hair decoration. In ‘Bahubali 2’ and in another movie called ‘Arundhuti’ ‘Anushka Shetty ‘ has studded her plaits with transitional knots.

The Billai is tied with a Kangan at the end which is also another set of jewellery design.

The look of a bride is complete with the use of Billai. It radiates the inner beauty in a woman bye embellishes the head and hair.

The bridal jewellery collection in ‘Bahubali 2’ and ‘Arundhuthi’ is a treat for your eyes. The ‘Devasena’ look has become a ‘fashion statement’ and everyone tries to follow her. The jewellery worn are mostly influencing the youngsters. Women and jewellery are inseparable and no woman can stop agreeing to the fact of their attractions towards shining jewellery

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