Hello friends!

‘Fashion Care’ will take you to a joy ride of glamour and charisma. Such a broad prospect in just a few lines! (I swear it’s not an apple pie). So, turning to ‘about us’, who we are? We are your BFF (best friend forever)-a fashionista, a blogger, a Bollywood lover, a geek, a self-appointed drama Queen.

Every answer to your problems. You may be someone, deeply interested in the following fashion, keeping up with trends, a stylist or fashion designer.

If you are a keen leader of our blog-which I guess you are-you will come across various hairstyles, jewelry design, makeup, lifestyle, styling tips. Today we have settled on a plan of action. Our blog will help you ‘ease stress’ of being constantly ‘in fashion’.


Have you ever wondered how women are so effortlessly styled? Their attire is perfectly in proportion, chick style updo, how they ‘Pull off’ the fashion trend, sure, she makes her ‘styling prowess’ look so easy.

Fashion is not only what you wear but what you and how value carry. Generally, we girls undergo peer pressure being stylish & fashionable. ‘Fashion care’ have researched such styling habits, had put together tricks of sassy and elegant women.


Change your look to change your life! We believe that your appearance can either break or make you, it has such a huge impact on your life. When putting that extra effort into your look, it will make you stand out from the crowd. Stop giving excuses to yourself, “I don’t have time”.

Come on! We all have same 24 hours of the day, well, you do have time, that is why you are reading us. Improvise our tips, trends in your daily routine for that ‘Oomph effect’. Our aim is to level up and prioritize your lifestyle.


Who doesn’t love Bollywood?- shining stars.. how often you must have dreamt of such flawless decked up look. They have their own team of makeup artists, hair stylists putting in a lot of effort to make them look best. But what, you have? Any guesses guys? Yeah- the trump card- ‘Fashion Care.

You have it all!! Guide to your way in fulfilling your dreams. Whether a gorgeous lehenga from ‘Padmavat’ or ‘Baahubali’s ‘jewelry worn by Anushka Shetty, all following Kareena Kapoor’s fashion statement-simply nail it. It’s just a click away!

Our blog what started as a ‘dot’ in the virtual world has turned into a bunch of hardworking teams. When we started this blog, very less we knew that it would be our universe.

Together on a casual Roundtable conference between few friends- who loved writing, had things to say about everything we loved, we decided to team up. Health & beauty, hairstyle, makeup, everything we loved were on our list. Time to stretch your wings, ponder … fly high.

Want to write for us? Shoot an email to rajnivetha1990@gmail.com