The tradition of proposing a girl with a ring goes long way back. It is one of the oldest traditions in the world. The Egyptians used to propose with the ring and they were the first to introduce the concept of proposing with a golden ring.

Then this spread out in the early 19th century. But thinking about proposing is one thing and actually doing it is other. Because when you are thinking about proposing you just think about the different ways or occasions to propose a girl. While it actually requires a lot of planning.

Like the rings, budget, all these needs to be taken into consideration The proposing part is to formalize your relationship with your partner and marrying her. That is why it becomes a very special and unique occasion for both the people involved.

Everyone wants their proposal to be as romantic and different as possible. And engagement rings are one of them. We look out for the best diamond ring for our partners.

One can always rely on the jewelry options it is always the best to give to your partner. But even in jewelry, there are many different ideas that can make the occasion more special.

In this article, we will help you with 10 alternatives to the engagement rings that can also be a long lasting memory for you and your partner.

Meaningful gemstone

If you look beyond the diamonds, you will find a world full of beautiful gemstones. Each of these gemstones also has a traditional meaning attached to them. So, when you choose these gemstones it creates a unique significance to you and your girlfriend.

Some of the meanings of the gemstones that are available in the market are

  • Blue Topaz: this gemstone represents friendship, fidelity, integrity, and gentleness. It is a representation of overcoming the obstacles and fear.
  • Garnet: considered as the representation of devotion, commitment, and passion.
  • Onyx: this gemstone represents perseverance and determination.
  • Pearl: a symbol of purity, harmony, worth, and humility.
  • Ruby: associated with love, happiness, royalty, fire, friendship, and the opening of the heart.

Lab-grown diamonds

This gift is a slightly different version of biochemical as compared to the traditional diamond. The lab-grown diamond is downright made up entirely of atoms. It is artificially grown in the labs using science and technology. They have the same composition as that of the ‘real’ diamonds.

The only difference is instead of being mined from the ground, these diamonds are grown in the highly controlled lab situations. That resulted in a biochemical makeup of a diamond that is available at a better price.

A Knot

What better way to express your feelings than a knot-shaped ring. It essentially shows that you want to try a knot with your woman without even expressing it to her in the words.

There are knot shaped rings available in the market which maker’s call as the ‘true lover’s knot’. It was popular among the sailors as they were separated from their lovers for a long time.

The ring is made by the interlocking of the two overhead knots in two parallel wires. This makes both of them flexible to move about the other and being inseparable forever.

Claddagh ring

This traditional Irish ring is both symbolic and rich in history. The ring features a distinct shape and has two hands, a crown, and a heart. All these symbolize the love, friendship, and loyalty to one another. The two hands clasped to each other represents pledging to the vows.

Claddagh rings were very much in use during the middle ages and renaissance times. Traditionally women wore this ring on the left hand with the point of the heart facing outside while being engaged and then facing inside while being married.

Family heirloom

Before you go for some fancy engagement rings like a diamond ring or something, check out with your family or relatives, whether there are any heirlooms which have been there for generations.

This will save a lot of money for you and the pieces of history are much more significant and meaningful than the traditional ones. Even a ring of diamond becomes much more precious than the one you purchased when it’s been in the family for generations.

If there is an issue with size or style for your to-be-wife than you can always get it resized. You can also replace the current gemstone with another one.


Sapphires represent royalty and are very famous among the engagement rings. They are an embodiment of sophistication and class for many people.

For a non-conventional couple, this is the perfect engagement ring. Typically, the sapphires are blue in color, but there are many different variants to this setting as well. You can make the ring as something minimalist or either something elaborative.

It depends on what you think is the best for your girlfriend. Besides blue, there are multiple colors to choose from like red, green, pink, and yellow. Thus, it makes them an ideal option for engagements.

Qalo rings

Qalo is a brand of silicon that is made for people who has active lifestyles like athletes. It is a unique engagement ring then you use to propose.

It can be a substitute for the traditional and classic engagement ring that everyone uses. Besides this, the Qalo rings are very affordable.

It comes at a very cheap rate as compared to the other options given above. Further, you can also have a custom made Qalo ring, based on your preferences of print, color, and words.

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Emerald is lush green stone, available in the variety of light to dark. Sometimes it can even be bluish. The mostly demanded emeralds are pure green to bluish green stones.

This is the only gemstone where you can find a cut named after it. Emerald is a durable stone and is a nice option for engagement rings.

Like sapphires, emerald is set in white diamonds and white gold. A pair of emerald with yellow gold is a classic pairing.

DIY ring

Instead of giving her the diamond engagement ring, you can always prepare one for her. No, we are talking about a customized ring for her, but a ring that is made by you. This may sound absurd to you, but in the end, there is no better gift than something that is prepared by you.

Handmade gifts always have a special place in people’s hearts. Many creative ideas are already available on the internet. Choose one and start using it to prepare the ring.

Pick the theme that you think is appropriate and start the preparation. This can also be a nice way to cut down on your expenses and use it for other purposes.


Topaz with all its beautiful array of colors and the clarity is one of the popular choices of engagement rings among the couple. The topaz gemstones differ from each other based on the mineral content in them. They are available in orange, pink, red, green, and blue hues. A pure topaz is usually colorless.

The hues created in the Topaz shows the imperfection in the stone. This makes the beautiful quirk a very sweet surprise to your other half!

Additionally, with the rings, you can also have a fancy photo shoot with your partner. If you want ideas for the dresses than you can check out her phone and laptop and look at what type of dresses she wants to buy.

You can also go for a black dress look because casual black dresses are never out of style. In between the photoshoot, you can propose to her and capture this beautiful moment forever.

Also, if your partner is a fitness lover than there are many fitness apparel brands to choose from. You can choose from a plethora of these ideas or an engagement ring is always there to save your day!

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