“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves” as quoted by William Shakespeare. Even after you are married the love, the essence, the fire should keep on burning to hold on to an everlasting bond. Birthdays are priceless. Especially the first birthday after marriage for both husband and wife.

To create some precious moment with your partner show them how much you feel for them by buying them gifts. To choose a gift for your husband or wife on the first birthday after marriage is a dare!

The cost of the gift hardly matters. It is the memory follows to it that lasts lifelong.

To make your special day a memorable one we thought to list some pop-up best first birthday gift ideas for your husband/wife.

6 Ideas For First Birthday Gift After Marriage For Your Husband

1. Gizmo

As ‘men will be men’. They are by default in love with gadgets. They can’t hold on to their heart seeing a gizmo. Hit straight to your husband’s heart and gift him a ‘Drone HD camera’ or a ‘PlayStation’ or maybe a ‘home theatre’. Make him grin wider.

2. Personalized Newspaper

Newspaper are men’s favorite. Wives try to scream for attention while husbands are drowned into the news bytes. Slip in the personalized newspaper. Start your husband’s day with a surprise birthday gift.

Include incidents from his childhood, his accomplishments, stories, embarrassment. Make him walk down the lane of memory.

3. Mood Pillows

The first birthday gift after marriage to your husband can be the mood pillows. The ‘ Tonight/ Not / Tonight / Lets get naked pillows’. It is an eccentric and cute gift that can open your funfilled side as a person. The gift can make your nights interesting.

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4. Embodied Personalized T-shirt

T-shirts are always a safe gift for men. Pour your heart out by personalizing words on it. The couple t-shirts are also an option.

5. Perfume

Perfume is the quintessential expression of love. The fragrance a man wears resonates with his sophistication. A masculine and sweet fragrance for him can surely lift his mood and please your senses too.

The first birthday after marriage is the celebration of the most memorable phase of your life. Make it magical by gifting your husband a fabulous perfume.

6. Unique Watch

Gift your husband a unique wrist watch or pocket watch. Embedding your special thought by engraving some love quotes, loving words, marriage date. Other options can be a wall clock for office or home.

Try to select theme related watches.

6 Ideas For First Birthday Gifts After Marriage For Wife

1. Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Make your wife feel really special and close to your heart by planning a surprise candlelight dinner. Secretly decorate the restaurant with red heart-shaped balloons.

Lit aromatic candles all around for a romantic aura. Order her favorite cuisine, and do not miss praising her. Your inspiring words will deepen your love for each other.

2. A Series Of Surprise

An easy way to reach your wife’s heart is giving her pleasant surprises. Girls love non-tangible things. They would love the effort that a husband put into the planning rather the gift.

It will win you more praises than a gift. Play a game of treasure hunt in the house or start from the place where you first dated. Play with clues and end clue with a special gift.

3. Newlywed Couple Bracelets

The entrenched words on the Bracelet for both husband and wife symbolizes a bond of love. A fantastic and creative gift for the first year of birthday after marriage.

4. Letter From Husband

Gifting a letter to your wife can be the most unique and phenomenal way of expressing your thankfulness of her existence in your life. Letters can give life to your unexpressed love for her.

Often men find it difficult pouring their heart out in front of their wives, don’t worry, a letter will serve the purpose.

Write about her importance and how she changed your life, how great this one year was and your experiences together, and lastly how special she is.

5. Set Of Jewellery

Every girl gets weak at the sight of jewellery. A gift that will certainly never disappoint. Buy your wife a heart-shaped pendant, with a set of earring to go with it, ring, anklet, all these possessions are very precious to women.

Take her to an exotic location, propose her on your knees and gift her a ring. Make sure the gift rhymes well with her personality and is unique.

6. Home Accessories

Newlywed wives are always excited about decorating their new home. The items will mainly include decorative items like candles, wall hangings flowers, and vases, showpieces, furniture, kitchen accessories like some dinner set.

If she is interested in gardening gift her outdoor accessories for the garden.

The above listed first birthday gifts after marriage are the best ones available just a click away. The ideas are uniquely fresh and versatile.

Choose wisely act smart before deciding the gift. Remember the first birthday gift after marriage are the one that both of you will cling upon throughout your lives with inseparable memories.

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