Lingerie is a lady’s skin, to say the least. It is what makes one feel comfortable and beautiful, inside out. Lingerie makes you feel confident, at ease and stronger from within. It is the most essential part of clothing to the beautiful women in the world.

A perfect lingerie should make a woman feel empowered and feminine, to say the least.

But buying a perfect lingerie is difficult considering the different types, occasions, and types. It is beauty in and out. Lingerie is meant for all you wonderful ladies of all color and size and shapes. It is for every occasion.

There are various categories of lingerie one can get from. One can feel all pretty with the beautiful lacey beauties, one can go for the naughty yet cute baby dolls, lingerie has it all for every woman of this universe.

Want to buy a lingerie to impress your boyfriend? Searching for the best place to buy lingerie for your date night? or looking to buy a good bra for a workwear? No worries.

Online shopping made easy to browse through different collections of bra and choose the best one. If you are looking for the best places to buy inner wears, we have saved your time.

We have listed the best online lingerie stores in India you can feel all empowered, dainty, beautiful are listed below for all the ladies’.

1. Zivame

Starting the bang wagon on lingerie and online lingerie, Zivame has done it just about right by curating a collection for all. It has categories of nightwear, activewear, bridal, shapewear, bikinis. Presented with the latest trend the curation is on point!

Zivame is the best destination for brassiere online shopping in India. They have different bra sections such as sports bra, strapless bra, maternity bras etc. They also have a bra-size calculator which help women find the right size to give them the utmost comfort at all times.

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2. Pretty Secrets

Like the name suggests it is all about pretty things, all nice and secrets you would want to tell your friends! That’s the thing the range available in pretty secrets is beautiful and extremely pretty, to say the least.

The collection of panties and bras along with baby dolls are all about being dainty, femininity and being and feeling pretty. PrettySecrets has become as one of the best online lingerie stores in India because of their secret product package & the delivery system. 

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3. Shy away

This sexy lingerie store becomes popular among girls due to their sext innerwear wear collections. This is about the never shy away attitude of the women who adorn their beautiful bodies and souls wearing Shy Away lingerie. Elegant cuts and seamless beauties are what we see here in this lingerie online store.

The perfect collection for every day wearing purpose, one just does not feel the need to shy away wearing Shy Away. You can find a perfect bra and panty set by just browsing through all their collections.

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4. Clovia

Who has not heard of Clovia? This is the place where you can find affordable lingerie. The latest trend is all you see here along with the right comfort level. The lingerie here is not just another piece of clothing, they are beautiful, soulful musings of the artists creating them for you.

Clovia works a lot of colors, prints, fabrics, laces, patterns so basically you name it and you have it! They make a platter of the perfect pieces for you to select from.

They have a signup offer of Rs. 150/- on your first purchase of Rs.999/-. Visit their website and enjoy the comfortable inner wears.

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5. KamukLife

Known to be the sexiest online store for lingerie. It has body suits which are sure to make your lover not want to leave you. Beautiful lace detailing and eccentricity at its best with the perfect blend of beauty, classics, and raunchiness to shop from!

It is KamukLife’s take on making everything simple and basic look luxurious and worthy which has created the brand ideology. The perfect place to find one’s bridal lingerie or honeymoon lingerie from.

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6. CandySkin

Love colors and eccentricity and tend to get bored too often? This is your place to be and shop from. CandySkin makes you fall in love with the variety it showcases. You have your perfect teenage T-shirt bras to your perfect valentine’s day secrets.

This is a place which has it all, for all your mood swings. It also has a range of the Nude Story, wherein it is all about women dressing up in their own skins.

All tones of nudes- fit for every Indian skin tone. What more does one want from an online store?!

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7. Enamor

Florals and the perfect blend of comfort is your preference? This is your place to be. Excellent artistry did up on the bra sets to keep the females craving for more.

The perfect amalgamation of beauty with brains is what Enamor is all about. The only motto of this brand is to provide women the best lingerie they can ever have.

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8. Cilory

The brand states that this is about the comfort with elegance. A lingerie set is your everyday necessity and if it is not comfortable, then what is the whole point of it? Cilory makes it easy for everyone to get the latest trends, comfort, style, and beauty together.

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