Time other than handling household can be utilized to earn some money.

The barriers which always stopped women from standing up for themselves has been coming to an end, the freedom you have ever dreamt of is not that difficult today.

You can make a contribution to your family expenses and savings. No one minds an extra buck coming home may be while engaging in some simple effortless tasks. Here are some easy and economical startup ideas you would love:

1. Tuition Center

Start by examining market requirements around you like searching for the competitors and their fees structures, alongside renting an area which is demographically approachable for children.

You don’t need large investments to start up a tuition center as it only requires your educational qualifications and a setup place. As per your comfort you can teach children from several age groups.

Just start small and expand as you gain popularity. Keep in mind to have fees that do not increase the market rates as its risky at the starting point.

Also, marketing is foremost, flyers and on small-scale approaching friends with children. As it is a low-stress level enterprise it can make you a decent amount of money without risk or big investments.

2. Boutique/ Sewing business

Firstly, select your style about what your boutique should be exactly about, the kind of clothes you want in there, are they trending? Are there any competitors with the same idea or not?

Try something which is unique and less found in the market you are targeting. Keep the ambiance of the store attractive to attain maximum traffic.

Best compared personal loans like Allahabad bank Saral Loan have very fewer interest rates that can help you get started without any finance related hustle. You can also employ people for sewing services, so your customers get what they want in the same place.

The initial stages of startups are all about marketing which is easy to work today, you can create different Facebook and Instagram pages ask your friends and family can help you promote.

3. Food/ tiffin services

Don’t waste your cooking skills. With a little planning, you can easily have an extra income made out of it. Start by having the proper equipment, then decide on a small menu to avoid wastage in the initial stages and then decide the means of transport to reach out to people.

People in offices and colleges long for homemade food so you can give them free samples or discounts to let them know you.

Get yourself catering license and start off at cheap prices and good quality to make an attractive deal.

4. DIY Cards

Technology has made it easy to reach every aspect you think you want to learn about. If you think that you have a creative side, then that can be used to make a good amount of money while sitting at home.

These days people love homemade versions of household items and gifts. Home based jobs have fewer investments than going out and setting up the whole idea.

You can take assistance from Etsy and Pinterest, learn and implement those ideas also Amazon selling can be done.

Many local artists and hobbyist have made worldwide recognition using social media platforms, therefore, you can double the benefit once getting established just keep on exploring and testing your ideas.

5. Wedding planner

The best part of this startup is that no office space is required, you play a role of an accountant, a marketing director or a customer service. You can get certified from any event management institute, and just start with it.

You need to plan it all from catering to bride’s makeup, food, decorations all have a quality so as to get you more contacts and relationships. Wedding these days are all about style.

You can promote yourself on the social media accounts and the more business you get the more gets added up to your portfolio. Starting up would require enough cash to tackle one wedding and then it all just goes on.

Using reward-based business credit cards can save you money. It is all the matter of esthetic sense so get yourself registered and get started!

6. Direct selling

India today is a huge market for direct selling, you can make a huge amount of money while sitting at home and being a full-time wife and mother. The huge number of direct sellers are women in India.

Direct selling promotes minimal investment with simple tasks which include promoting the products that you love and creating a networking of people doing the same, which is quite simple. Companies like Amway, Avon, and Tupperware offer a big opportunity to make a part-time money.

The best part is that you don’t need any educational qualification for doing this, just you should know your product. Start with your friends and family and then extend your relationships and contact around.

7. Freelancing in writing

This is one of the growing business in today’s time. If you are smart, educated and is capable of delivering good and innovative quality content to a firm, content writing is for you.

There are many of the firms that are always looking for smart and talented fresh talent who can generate the required content for them.

This startup only demands for a laptop, internet connection, your time, creativity and patience as a whole. Once you have entered the industry, there is no looking back.

All these ventures demand for your little time, patience and hard work. Nothing is impossible if you are determined to do it. It’s your call to take a quick and precise decision and give your life a new direction.

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