Let’s face it! All of us have been there! The wrong bra fit that leaves us in more than one embarrassing situations and there’s no rescue other than reaching out to your jacket or stole to hide the blunder you committed! The correct bra fit is a debatable topic, hence it’s best left to experts to find a properly fitted bra. But hey, do such experts exist? Well… yes, good news, they do!

I recently got to know about the Triumph ‘Stand up for Fit’ initiative and was quite intrigued to find out what it was. During my visit to Shopper’s Stop last week I learned that the lingerie brand Triumph is emphasizing on bra fit by helping customers find the perfect bra size for themselves.

Their initiative has left me very impressed especially their core thought of finding a properly fitted bra for an inside-out approach to self-confidence.

While I asked for help from experts at Triumph, they willingly gave me pro tips to not only shop ‘the correct one’ but also tips to keep in mind while finding the correct bra fit.

So, passing on my knowledge I got from them, here’s your guide to a proper bra fit while deciding whether you are a 32D or 34A…

Slip into the arms and bend forward. Allow your breasts to fall naturally into the cups and fasten the hook.

Adjust the shoulder straps so that they rest comfortably on your shoulders.

Then tuck the cups into your breasts and stretch lightly for them to mold smoothly over your breasts.

Raise both your hands and your bra should remain in place.

Taddaaa… this will ensure if your bra fits you well.

The moment I tried on the bra I felt more confident. Suddenly my clothes took a different shape and that was because of the amazing fit of my bra. Clearly, a well-fitted bra is the key to confidence. And the best part is that the Triumph lingerie store has bras for every outfit.

So whether it’s for work, a family dinner or a night out on the town, their collection of bras will assure you always have a right fit for every occasion.

The next step to finding the correct fit is ensuring that you choose the correct bra for every outfit. Bulge, protruding nipples, and an odd fit are the factors most women ignore. And these are not only because of the wrong bra size but also because most women wear the same bra with every outfit they own. To ensure a proper fit, it’s important you have a different bra for every outfit. Go by this table and I promise, you’ll always have well-fitted clothes.

Clothes Type of bra
Regular plain tees and tops T-shirt bra
Party dresses and tops made of thin fabrics Seamless Bra
Workout and gym Sports bra
Sari Plunge bra. Strapless in case of wide necklines
Kurta Full coverage bra


Rounding off my experience, I think Triumph’s ‘Standing up for Fit’ initiative is one of a kind as it encourages women to feel more confident with the correct bra fit. My personal favorite is the Triumph maximizer bra that lends an amazing fit and lifts my outfit and confidence in an instant. It makes me look and feel sexy!

So girls, plan a shopping spree to any Triumph store with your girlies ASAP! Experience their 15-minute bra fitting consultation and let me know about your experiences in the comments.

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