Lingerie, not only is a women’s skin, it also makes a woman feel comfortable, beautiful and powerful. Wedding, at the same time, is one of the most important events in an individual’s life. For women, tying the knot is not only an event but is a dream she has dreamed of since she was a little girl.

It is for her to make it extremely beautiful, comfortable and elegant and at ease, with the right amount of desires! Wedding trousseau is about all the things that you have always wanted! Everything to make you feel special with the new life you have chosen.

The whole idea of bridal lingerie is to spice things up in the bedroom with the most classic component associated- comfort to say the least.

Now the question is, how does one go about buying lingerie for the bridal trousseau?!

One needs to know what they like. Every single woman’s trousseau is different, depending on their comfort zones and tastes. For the wedding night, obviously one would want something not only beautiful but classic. People either go for the beautiful classic whites for their beautiful night or they go for reds, in various parts of the world.

One could look at classic haute couture lingerie to something more modest, like a beautifully embellished dressing robe or one could even think about all the intricate delicate lace lingerie.

Now, comes the various categories to choose from: There are various categories of lingerie, like that of a bra, panty, gown, robe, corsets, and babydolls, robes to name a few.

The styles are made for all the moods and occasions the bride will have to take care of after her big day.

Then comes one of the most important factors: Comfort!

One of the most common questions a bride asks is the comfort factor! It is obvious. A bride would never want to wear something uncomfortable throughout her most relaxing and cherish-able period of life. Fabric plays a very important role here.

Various fabrics like that of French laces, smoothest forms of satin, polyester in the finest form are used in terms of fabrications to keep it not just pretty, but also comfortable!

The fabrication of the bridal trousseau needs to be on-point with the perfectly finished smooth fabrics and the fitting can never be underestimated.

Now, the next question is what are the essentials of a bridal trousseau? What to pack and what not to pack?

The basics are always important and so are the experimental and so are the pretty ones. Bras, panties, thongs, babydolls, robes, corsets, garter- for every mood!

Well, when one goes for their honeymoon, their sole purpose is to enjoy! They eat and drink and party and do not really have the intentions or time to workout. It is most likely that one would feel fat after a night of the intense party and that is when you would require the babydoll, to make you feel sexy, at ease and yet not show the fat.

Similarly, one needs to have a number of essentials for the right moments. One could also opt for a corset to wear it in the day with a skirt and with a matching panty in the night.

Keep the thongs, garter, extremely raunchy and classic bras handy – for the extra sensual nights. Keep the classics and basics handy for the days you feel a little tired after all the extra work in the honeymoon.

Where to buy bridal lingerie in India?

The wedding is a dream come true. So, one can always go an extra mile for all the lovely memories they can take home with them. There are many online lingerie online stores in India to buy bridal lingerie such as are Zivame, Clovia, Victoria’s Secret, La Senza to name a few.

Keep the love high and comfort up with the right bridal lingerie for wedding trousseau!

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