Reese Witherspoon is undeniably one of the most successful stars we have nowadays. Why? The award-winning actress has won multiple awards, a successful producer, and entrepreneur, and guess what? Everyone loves her for her being a fantastic style icon.

It seems no matter what she wears, it would look great on her. If you’re a fan of this gorgeous celeb, then you made the right choice for her sense of fashion is always on point. I mean, what is there not to like?

In this article, you’d learn about Reese Witherspoon’s hottest Summer Fashion Trend. Just a warning though, You’ll find lots of pieces from her own clothing line.

Before the end of this write-up, you’d learn to love her and her brand more! If you want to wear the exact ensemble she wears, you’ll find lots of advice here.

Are you ready? Here we go.

Figure Flattering Dresses

Perfect for casual days, brunch dates or even simple dinner dates, the fashion icon loves wearing figure-flattering dresses! She is often spotted sporting beautiful dresses like the Magnolia Love Circle Dress by Draper James.

The great thing about this Magnolia-printed dress is that it would look great on everyone.

It is snipped in the waist area but at the same time offers a bit of a stretch. You can dress it up or down depending on your mood. Wear it with flats and a bit of jewelry for a sweet and casual look, or pair it with a blazer and stilettos for a more formal look.

If you want to rock the same dress as Witherspoon, head over to and you’ll find amazing ensembles worth splurging on.

Denim Skirt and A Simple Top

This style is super simple, casual and outgoing. Witherspoon paired a Love You More Tee which is a white top under her clothing line- and tucked it in on a Scallop Denim Skirt.

This cute yet super simple get up is perfect for lazy days. You can rock this look while running some errands, walking in the park or during family days.

What is the greatest thing about denim skirts? You can pair it with almost every top imaginable, and even the simplest white t-shirt would look great with it.

Whether you choose to tuck in your shirt of wear cropped tops, these skirts will complete the outfit for you. You can wear a mix and match with your choice of footwear and you will be surprised that most of your favorite shoes and sandals would look awesome with this denim.

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Oversized Long Sleeves

Oversized Long Sleeves worn as dresses one of last year’s hottest trend that is still making its rounds. The chic and casual shirt never fails to make a fresh statement.

An effortless look to pull together, all you have to do is get yourself a cute oversized shirt and your choice of shoes, and you’re good to go.

The whole look is simple, effortlessly trendy and extremely comfortable. No wonder the owner of the Draper James fashion line was keen on strutting a cute blue flannel shirt dress recently.

It is one of the easiest ways of dressing without putting much of a thought on what footwear would look great. A simple flat or a pair of sandals would always look amazing with this ensemble.

Off-shoulder Pleated Swimsuit and Printed Short Shorts

Summertime means you get to strut your stuff with cute swimwear. But did you know you can also use one-piece swimsuits as bodysuits?

Just wear your one-piece swimming attire with a pair of cute short shorts, and you’re good to go. Ms. Witherspoon sported a fantastic look with her cute yet sexy OOTD.

To copy this look by our inspiration for today, match an Off-shoulder Pleated Swimsuit with a pair of Printed Short Shorts. You can choose to wear any shoes or sandals as you like.

If you want to wear what she used, the Josephine off-the-shoulder pleated swimsuit is by Karla Colleto while the Printed cotton-blend shorts are by Draper James.

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Off-shoulder Romper

Another off-shoulder made our list! This time, it is a cute little romper that is perfect for summer. Inspired and littered with cherry prints all over, this romper is that cutest and worn best with flat sandals. But don’t let that stop you from exploring your options.

Our favorite fashion icon rocks an Off the Shoulder Romper by Draper James. It is a sweet romper short littered with cute little cherries. It is synched in the middle and tied with a ribbon for a snug fit. It makes for a cute and fun ensemble perfect for casual days.

The only cons for this type of OOTD are that when you try and raise your hands, the sleeves will go up. Also, you’ll have to strip whenever you need to use the ladies room. Nonetheless, its cute and funky style makes up for the little bit of inconvenience, don’t you think?

Checkered Button-Down and White Pants

If you’re about to head to work or has a lunch meeting, later on, you can wear the classic button-down shirt and white pants paired with high heels. If not, you can ditch the heels and opt for a more comfortable pair of shoes like high-end sneakers or a nice pair of sandals.

Our fashion icon for today wore her Gingham Classic Button Down with simple skinny white pants. She left a few buttons open and rolled up the sleeves up until her elbows. You can always steal this look, and we are quite sure she won’t get upset.

Dressing like our favorite celebrities shouldn’t be so hard, as long as you know what kind of tops, bottoms, and shoes to mix and match. If you want more inspirations from other celebrities or wants Ms. Reese Witherspoon’s excellent fashion choices, can help you find some of her trendiest getups yet.

But remember, no matter what you choose to wear, always face the world with that gorgeous smile and just feel confident about yourself. The best way to look good is to feel good.

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