Everyone wants to smell good, and choosing an appropriate perfume is, however; not an easy task. As the market is flooded with many perfumes of different brands, each has its own qualities.

The most significant aspect which needs to be considered while choosing the right perfume is a recognized brand or designer. If you are fascinated with those elegant glass perfume bottles, it is time to look within these elite bottles.

It is important to choose a perfume which suits your persona and style and for this, it is important to understand its key ingredients.

Here are the top 10 best smelling perfumes that every woman should have in her closet:

1. Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs

From regular weekdays to the special weekends, this unique scent gives you all the reason to make it an exquisite fragrance for 2018. You will even love to keep the empty perfume bottle as it comes with a striking gold cap which is decorated with two elite daisies as ‘signature’.

Middle notes of rose balance, jasmine and apple blossom are intricately combined with the top notes of raspberry, pear, and grapefruit to make this perfume a heart-winning deal.

2. Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

This perfume is an appropriate choice for those women who want to be exceptionally seductive. Perfect for night parties, this perfume gives a playful fragrance with an amazing blend of Sweet honeysuckle, amber, mandarin, and berries.

Your wardrobe for any romantic weekend gateway is incomplete without this, fruity fragrance which is mesmerized with the charming and seducing notes of creamy vanilla.

This perfume appropriately maintains the femininity of its wearer while adding a sense of naughtiness.

3. La Vie Est Belle by Lancome

If love is blood, this erotic perfume by Lancome is worth to consider. Best for the intimate meetings, this perfume is a perfect blend of sweet, floral and spicy notes.

It gives a subtle fragrance with the top notes of gourmand and patchouli to make your romantic evenings more special than ever.

Do not underestimate this as a fragrance specific to romantic endeavors as it is ideal for official meets and formal attire as well.

4. Paris Hilton’s Can Can

If the electrifying combination of woody scent with fruity notes works for you best, the perfume by Paris Hilton is the best thing to pick up. Add the energizing vibes to your attire and appear much younger than your age with this amazing perfume.

The astounding combinations of nectarine, amber, orange blossom, wild orchid, woods, Clementine flower and cassis make it perfect to wear on regular days as well as on special events. After all, who does not want to look younger than age?

5. Black Opium by YSL

Boost your self-confidence with this exclusive scent by Yves Saint Laurent which comes with the seductive and warm notes to grab an instant attention.

The eccentric accords of coffee and tempting effects of vanilla make this fragrance an exceptional deal for any woman. Known as a perfect warm fragrance, this is the most appropriate perfumes to be worn in winters.

The base notes of patchouli essence teamed up with cedarwood make this scent a lucrative deal for any fashion freak.

6. Jimmy Choo Women’s Perfume

With its sensual fruity notes, this perfume is a creation of a renowned designer Jimmy Choo. Topping the preference list of many women, this woody fragrance can be perfectly fitted to any environment.

Apt for the regular office, you can undoubtedly wear this perfume on your first date to add a sense of appeal to your persona.

7. Chloe New

One of the lightest perfumes which can last up to 8 hours, Chloe New dominates the scent market due to its incredible freshness.

It derives its seductiveness from the essence of narcissus, musk, vanilla, Plumeria, marigold and orange blossom that will bring the perfection to your most romantic endeavors.

Planning your first date or attending a special event, this perfume goes best for every occasion.

8. Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey

Clear spring water and floral notes make the essence for this sweet scent which is not only popular for its refreshing vibes that it gives but also are counted among the renowned names in the domain of glass perfume bottles.

With its long-lasting stays of up to 12 hours, it calls for the minimal usage every day without any need to re-spray while going to your office. L’Eau d’Issey has always been an undisputed leader for its nerve-wrecking offerings in the perfume segment and this one is not an exception.

The exceptional blends of peony, carnation, and lily as middle notes which are topped with cyclamen, lotus, freesia, and juice lemon, make it a perfect deal for any perfume-lover.

The base notes have been picked up exclusively as sandalwood, cedar, musk, and amber to make it a perfect woody scent.

9. Christian Dior J’adore

With its sweet floral fragrance, this scent by Christian Dior shall be one of the classic additions in your wardrobe that is popular among women across all genres for its unique essence.

Considered as one of the oldest fragrances, this perfume has the mesmerizing combinations of ylang-ylang, rose, and jasmine.

It is time to feel sexier than ever with this vintage perfume by Dior which is already winning several accolades for its astounding fragrance.

10. Thierry Mugler’s Angel

The aromatic notes of patchouli, melons, fresh citrus, peaches, sandalwood, and plums make this fragrance an exceptional deal for office or a weekend vacation.

The creamy hints of vanilla make this perfume exotic. This fragrance comes with a long-lasting effect and perfectly complements the femininity with its sweet blends.

These perfumes are the hand-picked collection for the year 2018 which are appropriate for any formal or casual occasions that you are looking forward to.

It is time to curb your perfume obsession with this extensive list of fragrances for women 2018 that can make you a center-of-attraction at wherever you go.

From saucy to fresh and floral, the year 2018 will let you be experimental not just with your dressing but your perfume-style as well.

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